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Embracing places with our Wooden Tables, Steel Counters, Wooden Trolley, Educational Furniture, Hospital Furniture, Hostel Furniture, Office Furniture and more...

About Us

The furniture owned by an individual says a lot about his personality and also depicts his/her way of living. Therefore, having quality and modern furniture is a must for creating an impression on the visitors. Taking this aspect into consideration; we, Minit Overseas Pvt. Ltd. started our business operations as a manufacturer of high quality Steel Cupboard, Wooden Book Shelves, Steel Counter, Wooden Storage Shelves, Wooden Cupboard, Educational Furniture, Hospital Furniture, Hostel Furniture are to name a few. It is because of the quality of our aforesaid and more products that our company is accredited with the International Standard of Organization 9001:2015 certification. This has made us carve a niche in Indian markets while achieving an annual turnover of INR Three Crores in the last year. Since the time of our origin in the year 2003, we have come a long way in the furniture domain by offering people  the variety of furniture.

Collaborating Quality and Style Together

The duo of quality and style is our key to success because our collection is not only high in quality, but enhances the interior of a place while enhancing the status of people owning it. Being in the industry for more than a decade, we have gained vast domain expertise of our work. In collaboration with our designers and craftsmen, we bring forward the different designs, patterns and styles of furniture that can be placed anywhere from home to workplaces or commercial sites. This is being the reason; our products and we are loved by numerous people. The beauty of our furniture is not only in the outlook, but in the way, each piece is crafted and assembled because the embellishment added, is mere a cosmetic coating on the quality framework.

Why Associate With Us?

We give our customers not only a single reason but a lot more due to which they prefer doing repeated business with us. Bulleted below are some reasons based upon which our clients prefer establishing long lasting relationships with us:
  • Bringing smiles: Style and quality that not only satisfy our customers but bring smiles to their faces.
  • Quality furniture: One gets the finest quality furniture designed with dedication.
  • Easy to afford: Furniture offered by us is available with minimum price tags.
  • Designs: Wide spectrum of designs and patterns to choose from.